Thursday, September 15, 2005

North Long Beach asking for a "healing of their land"!

It was great to see many people from a number of local ministries come out to Houghton Park to lift up the Name of Jesus in North Long Beach. I forgot to count but there must have been around at least 50 people there. One of our stated goals for the day was to spend more time talking to Jesus than to each other. I know that may not sound like a revolutionary concept for a "prayer gathering" but many times gatherings like this aren't actually as much about prayer. I was encouraged to see various sized groups walking around the park talking to King Jesus asking Him to "heal our land". Thanks to all of you who helped out behind the scenes and/or took a lead role in making this time happen. God's desire, as both you and I know, is to "hear from on high" the prayers of His people when they intercede on behalf of their neighborhoods like we did and continue to do. Lord, may your will be done in North Long Beach as it is in heaven!

Hope to see many of you out tonight at our Community Mobilization Meeting at Glad Tidings from 6:45 to 8:30 PM. Tonight we will be breaking out the Strategic Planning Process and will be laying the groundwork for some action plans for the next year.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Our Golf Marathon was a success!

I know EXACTLY how that guy feels! I too spent much of my day wandering around looking for my golf balls!

I did it though! I actually played 100 holes of golf in one day. I shot a 25 under par. Not bad for a 4x per year golfer/hacker! Here is how I did it. We all teed off at 8:00 am. It couldn’t have been a nicer day. We were the only ones on the course so we had the run of a top notch golf course. We each played 5 balls off of each tee. We would then round up our four terrible shots (actually, we only rounded up the ones that weren’t in someone’s backyard, under 10 feet of green water or left resting somewhere in the “I’m sure I saw it land over here somewhere” parts of the course) and then hit 5 shots again from where our best shot was lying. For you golfers, this would be known as a ‘personal best-ball scramble’. At the end of each hole we would count our shots as if we had just played that hole 5 times.  5 balls x 20 holes (plus 8 band-aids, 3 granola bars, a nice box lunch, 30+ lost golf balls, 3 bananas, gallons of water and juice, and a week long recovery from sore muscles) = 100 holes of golf in a day! Simple as that! For the record, my mother-in-law says that this was cheating! Technically, however, I did hit 100 tee shots, 100+ approach shots and 100+ puts.

What a blast! What a great way to spend a day. What a great way to raise some money for a worthy cause. We were able to raise just over $40 thousand dollars to support our work across the LA Basin. Thanks to all of you who helped to make that happen! We are deeply appreciative! All of us as Kingdom Causes Catalysts are dependant on raising monthly financial support for our work so the investment on your part will go a long way! It was such a success that we plan on doing it again next year and would love to have you join us out on the links!