Saturday, August 22, 2009

Redigging the wells in Long Beach

When things seem to be falling apart, God steps in to demonstrate His gentle sovereignty. When you've prayed the last prayer you have in you....that's a really good thing. I met a young man who felt called to pray in Long Beach. He lives in Rialto and brought 30+ intercessors with him to pray in Bixby Park one morning. Four of us from Kingdom Causes connections were there. Since then we have met regularly for prayer to see what our Father has in mind for our City. Our little group has grown to include other pastors and intercessors who have a church-of-the-city focus. The most important person who shows up every time we meet is the One Who called us together in the first place. He is developing in us a deference to one another. We have felt that worship, authentic worship, is our key strategy and our primary form of spiritual warfare. Yesterday one of the women asked what each of us meant when we use that term. As we went around the room there was much agreement - and there were some differences. Our consensus was to honor and respect our differences and adopt a respectful, learning posture with one another. Our group is made up of several streams of prayer and several different congregations and our great desire is that there would be a greater city-wide representation of people who have a heart to see His Kingdom come in Long Beach. Personally, this seems like at least partial answer to a prayer of mine that's been hanging out there since the mid-80's and I'm excited to watch God at work!
We have set a tentative date to meet once again in the Park, this time to worship the Living God in public. Each time we meet, we come away with another piece of the puzzle and feel like we have prayed "in one accord" with God's heart and with each other for our City.
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May the Lord inhabit the praises of His people!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


The third WOW Jam in Long Beach took place in three different locations! Poly High School, Houghton Park, and they added Admiral Kid Park. Over 13,000 community members participated in singing auditions, makeovers, family photos, and more. Many local churches came together to bless their neighbors. Even our very own Leticia Espinoza, Youth Education Task Force Leader, got a lovely haircut. Over 1,300 people were saved. Over 200 people were baptized and even more people approached the baptism celebration and committed their life to Christ. God has truly anointed WOW Jam and Long Beach. Angels are celebrating in heaven for God's expanding family! Thank you for Paul and Bonnie Thiemens for their commitment to Long Beach!