Thursday, October 27, 2005

Eric at the Long Beach Leadership Prayer Breakfast

38 people decided to trust and follow Christ this morning! I always have had mixed feelings about these breakfasts that are patterned after the presidential prayer breakfast but I can honestly say 'What a great prayer breakfast this year!'. In spite of some technical difficulties there was definitely a sense that God wanted to stir many of the hundreds of hearts in the roon this morning. The guest speaker today was Ken Blanchard (Author of The One Minute Manager) and he really did an excellent job sharing his personal testimony and also about how he has come to believe that Jesus is the ultimate model of leadership.

Also, well done Eric. This year Eric got the opportunity to read the NT passage at the breakfast. Here he is eating his luke warm eggs and bacon before the program started. He was there today representing DeVry University as their Fall 2004 Valedictorian. He is in the background there at the table with the white shirt. Nice tie!

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Church being mobilized in Torrance

Eric, Mary and myself joined our Torrance Catalyst, Evan Chase, at his home church for the initiation of a couple task forces for that city. One of the joys or our calling is to travel to neighboring cities to see how God is moving there. There was about 60 people who stayed after the morning services to hear about how God is mobilizing the entire Church there (as individuals and and as a collective body) and how they are a strategic part of it. There was definitely a buzz in the room as God's people really began to sense how they could further take responsibility for their city. It was so exciting that us "city outsiders" almost joined one of the teams ourselves! Keep up the great work Evan as you lovingly serve the Church of Torrance and beyond.