Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Welcome New AmeriCorps Members!

Kingdom Causes welcomes 3 new AmeriCorps members into the KCLB family. As AmeriCorps members, these individuals are committed to listening and empowering neighbors in key areas in Long Beach. Through Asset Based Community Development, they will come along side their neighbors in achieving the hopes and dreams of the neighborhood.

Joe Shabel will continue the work Somatra Sean had started along 9th Street and Atlantic Avenue. He has been in the area for over thirty years! Joe attends the local neighborhood church, Long Beach Friends Church. He is currently building bridges with neighbors and the local businesses along Atlantic Avenue. He hopes to create leadership and unity through completing community projects with other neighbors.

Calvin Tatupu is walking with Andy Street in North Long Beach. There
are at least three local congregations in support of Calvin and Andy Street including Light and Life North, Community Grace Brethren, and Lakewood International Church. Calvin has already built relationships with the neighbors through Metro Kids. All the neighbors recognize his big orange bus. Neighbors trust him with their youth and keep him informed of news along Andy Street. He hopes to invest in a core group of neighbors to take ownership and leadership in Andy Street.

Scott Jones is our newest AmeriCorps member. He is moving into the Wilmore City district in Downtown Long Beach. With the support of Grace Harbor Church, he hopes to create unity in this diverse area of Long Beach. As the founder and director of We Love Long Beach, he has hosted many neighborhood breakfasts and supports Long Beach City. Scott's heart for Long Beach is very contagious.

Please continue to support Joe, Calvin, and Scott and the specific areas they are working with 9th and Atlantic, Andy Street, and Wilmore City. I cannot wait to share stories of hope and transformation in these areas!