Wednesday, May 02, 2007

May Leadership Prayer Gathering

I continue to be awed by our great God as He sends quality people into a city that I love. Today we gathered at Fountain of Life church with Pastor John Teter. John is a church planter on the West side of town who moved to our city in 2001 and has services at Hamilton Middle School. It was exciting to hear how God moved he and his wife Becky to Long Beach and how he and his team use sports and family issues to reach people. John is the director of More Than Conquerors, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Dominguez Hills and Compton City College, authored "Get the Word Out" and co-authored "Jesus and the Hip-Hop Prophets."
In ministering on the west side and in north Long Beach, John's prayer request are these.

* For strength, as a team they are very tired due to intense giving out, torn ACL, and a fire in one of the leaders buildings
* For their core team that has an average age of 27 to be empowered by God
* For their ministry of evangelism in the city through sports and family needs
* For continued good relationship with the Principal of Hamilton Middle School

This hour and a half we spend with leaders is one of the best times of our month. Hope you can joins us next month