Friday, June 05, 2009

All for one, one for Hamilton

Principal David Downing Presenting to Church-School Partnerships Meeting

Thank you, to all those who participated in the first Church-School Partnership meeting at Hamilton Middle School.  Kingdom Causes was blessed to see the support of the local church for a local school.  It was a great witness to the city leaders (Monica Daley, Hughes Principal; Linda Ivers and Janet Surber, City Council field representatives; Dan Pressburg and Carina Cristiano Leoni, community leaders) who attend the meeting to see the Church come along side schools for the success of the students.  David Downing, Principal of Hamilton Middle School, presented current ways organizations, businesses, and churches are partnering with Hamilton and new opportunities to support Hamilton.  Participating in the Church-School Partnerships meeting was the first step.

Since the first Church-School Partnerships meeting, One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism Christian Church partnered with Hamilton for their Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7th.  Teachers were happy and blessed due to many groups coming together to show how special the teachers are in Hamilton.  The Hamilton PTA contributed flowers to decorate the library tables.  Hamilton United Parents in Action (HUPA) decorated and cleaned the teacher lounges, main office, and the new parent center.  Students from the Student Council and Gear Up program made banners celebrating the teachers that were displayed around the campus.  One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism Church provided a wonderful continental breakfast including
 beverages, muffins, bagels, and plastic-ware for the teachers' staff meeting.  Leticia Espinoza was the connecting point that brought all these groups together.  Cindy Mendez, Hamilton staff member, praised Leticia a
nd Teacher appreciation day by saying, "Teachers were commenting all day about how nice the lounges looked and smelled!... Our teachers were happy about this treat!" 

 Kingdom Causes along with Hamilton would like to thank those who made Teacher Appreciation Day really special.

One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism Church also
received an award for helping Hamilton

Here are some possible ways to Partner with Hamilton and other local schools:

    * Back to School Drive
    * Campus Beautification (Serve Days, benches, barriers, waste containers/sweeper)
    * On-campus clubs and sponsorship
    * Intramural
    * Career Awareness
    * Assistance in establishing business partnerships
    * Student incentives
    * Student store
    * Books for Accelerated Reader
    * Promotion Ceremony set up (chairs)
    * Sports Banquet
    * Mentoring

Please contact Leticia Espinoza-Vopyan to get connected at or (562) 619-1434

Kingdom Causes is excited to keep you updated and share other stories of partnership!

"Having everyone making this possible gives us a sense of communit
y. I am so thrilled to  say that it was so much fun for everyone participating. Our partnership with the church is a wonderful experience that has benefited all of the Hamilton community.  Thanks!!!" -Leticia Espinoza-Vopyan