Monday, April 13, 2009

House of prayer on Signal Hill

I never know how God will show up at our Second Saturday prayer meetings. This Saturday, just two of our regulars showed up and....two students from CSULB. For about a year I was privileged to join with the Christian Club leaders on campus for prayer. It was a wonderful experience that I'll never forget. And for the last 2 years I have been unable to get there and have felt the loss. So guess what...2 of the student leaders showed up at 6am Saturday morning. They have a vision for a house of prayer on Signal Hill. The plan is to launch on the National Day of Prayer, May 7, at 7 pm. As of this moment they don't know the place and are walking in faith that Abba will show them. They asked for the blessing of the people who were there and have been coming so faithfully for so long and in turn we asked for theirs. That particular morning I had had a hard time getting my body out of bed and would have been just as happy to be not there - and then God showed up in this encouraging way. He encouraged us older ones with the enthusiasm and faith of the younger generation and let us see a peek into His plans. There has been much prayer offered from Signal Hill from so many believers in the City and I want to support this effort by letting you know what's going on.
They have a web-site for you to sign up for a time-slot - go to and you can commit to pray for Long Beach with them...

An excerpt from the email I got stating their vision...
"Our vision is that it would be a place used to heal our broken generation. Our vision is that the workers who are heavy laden would find themselves restored in their first love with Him..and we pray that it would be used to sustain the revival that God wants to pour out in Long Beach...."

God is moving on the campus and in the hearts of the students He is bringing there. I pray His continued blessing and stirring in the hearts of His Church on that campus...join us will you in praying for/and with them?

Church Building Rental Opportunity

Pastor Brian Apodaca is the pastor of Victory Outreach in North Long Beach. He has asked me to help him by letting you know of their desire to rent their building. I've been there and it's really nice....and...they've filled it with the invited presence of God. If you need a place to meet - this could be just the opportunity you've been praying for. Below is his e-mail to me...with his contact information

Hi Judy... Good Morning.
Here is the info. for our church building rental.

15,00 sq. ft.
air conditioned newly remodeled sanctuary
4 classrooms
fellowship hall accommodates 60
kitchen, green room
available Tue. Wed. Thurs. Sat. (6:00 PM- 10:00PM)
Sun. (1:00PM-4:00PM)
for more info. call 562-533-1730

Thank you very much for your help Judy.

Pastor Brian
Victory Outreach Long Beach

Thursday, April 09, 2009

LBUSD Math Madness and English Extravaganza

Congratulations to all the winners from LBUSD Math Madness and English Extravaganza! Thank you for all who participated in providing and assembling snack packs for this event.  The students were blessed by you.

Here is a letter of appreciation from Assistant Superintendent, Gwen Mathews, Ph.D

March 24, 2009

Dear Kingdom Causes,

I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to you for helping to make our District-wide Middle School Math Madness and English Extravaganza competitions a tremendous success.  Thanks in large part to your efforts, our students were treated to a first-class event to recognize their hard work in the classroom.  By providing valuable volunteer services, as well as nutritious snacks for this memorable day, your time, talent and treasures provided the foundation for an unforgettable academic competition for over 800 students and their families.

By all accounts, this year's academic competitions exceeded everyone's expectations.  Countless family members joined students, staff and community members to cheer-on our students.  While we have been fortunate to enjoy this high level of enthusiasm and participation for athletic events, I know you will agree that it is inspiring to see this type of support and encouragement for students who are determined to be champions in the classroom as well.

Thank you again for being an integral part of our District-wide Middle School Math Madness and English Extravaganza Competitions.  This wonderful event simply could not have come together without the determination of dedicated community partners, such as Kingdom Causes.  I am quite confident that the smiles on students' and families' faces, and the sense of pride that comes from participating in such a unique event, will remain with us all for a very long time to come.  We look forward to working with your organization again, as we continue to provide world-class education for every student, every day.

Gwendolyn H. Mathews, Ph.D
Assistant Superintendent