Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hamilton Parent Graduation

On Wednesday, December 9th 23 parents graduated from the Parent Institute for Quality Education at Hamilton Middle School. Parents learned how to prepare their children for college readiness by attending an eight week program. They were all Spanish speaking parents. Everything had to be translated. It was wild! Along with Principal Downing and Leticia, I was proud of the parents because of their courage to learn for the betterment of their children! I was proud that they would do this for their children and the next generation. I was just honored to be there to represent Kingdom Causes and meet the parents. It was a privilege for Kingdom Causes to be a part of the celebration by providing snacks. Thank you to the parents, Hamilton Middle School, Parent Institute for Quality Education, and California State University, Long Beach for their commitment to youth education and development.

Hamilton has another thing to celebrate! Hamilton and CSULB received a $900,000 grant from US Department of Health, Human Services for their project called "Youth, Empowerment for Success! (YES!) Si Se Puede!" They will provide academic mentoring, digital media skills, career development, college preparation, and physical fitness activities to promote health and success among local Latino Middle School Youth. The three year grant was one of just 12 community projects awarded nationwide! Congratulations Hamilton!