Sunday, March 28, 2010

YOU be the JUDGE

Kingdom Causes was able to support the Long Beach Unified School District's 15th Annual Science Fair. Hamilton Middle School asked our partners in IMPACTS (Individuals Mobilizing People And Communities Towards Schools) to be science fair judges. It has been a difficult environment within the Hamilton staff since the release of pink slips. Kingdom Causes and local faith-based organizations were able to come along side the staff members in this difficult time to be judges. In the past the student's science projects were reviewed by Hamilton staff, but this year they wanted to include community members. Kathleen Brown and Leticia Espinoza open the door for us to be a part of their science fair.

On the day of the judging, over 12 volunteers came out to support Hamilton and to find the “best of the best” young scientists. Some of our judges included Pastor Dale Workman and a few of his members from Community Grace Brethren Church; along with Bishop W. Todd Ervin, his wife, and church member Deborah Slaney from Church One; Dee Moore, from Church Scope; John Leonard, a long time North Long Beach resident; and Genesis, a local resident and co-founder of HANDS (Helping All Nations in Deeds & Service).

The judges and projects were awesome! They all agreed that the judging was tough and that Hamilton students were a bright young group of scientists and inventors. One of my personal favorite invention was an attachable turn lighted signal for bicycles. Although the judging was close, the relationships between the Hamilton family and the local faith community has grown even closer. We at Kingdom Causes want to thank all of the students for their hard work, the teachers and faculty for their hospitality, and finally our volunteers who selflessly served and gave their time and made this year’s science fair a complete success.

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alison's New CRIB

31 individuals have been housed through the LB Connections Project! The Village will continue to house 12 youths and others through the Multi-Service Center. The city is grateful for the churches and individuals that have given their efforts in finding items to furnish these apartments.

Recently, we had the opportunity to furnish an apartment for a woman named Alison and her 1-year-old son, Joe. She was using a small cooler as a fridge and had no crib for her son. Some of the volunteers from the LB Connections Project decided to donate some items to Alison and it was such a blessing! She received a fridge, microwave, couch, coffee table, bed, and most importantly a crib for her son, Joe. While we delivered items into her home, she shared her story with us. Mostly she appreciated those who spent time with her listening and building a friendship with her.

As more individuals are receiving housing, we can begin a genuine relationship these individuals and bless them with furniture and items. May we continue to gather more items so we can share the love that God has shown us!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Church Leadership Prayer - March

Pastor Dale Workman of Community Grace Brethren Church.

On March 3, 2010 Pastor Dale shared the blessings God has given in the past year. He encouraged us to sit still and listen to God's plans. He shared how his congregation came together to provide over 90 Thanksgiving boxes for their local neighbors. They were blessed more by the events they didn't plan. God is faithful and a great provider!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Special Guests at HAT

Over 40 individuals and 6 represented congregations attended the Homeless Assistance Training (HAT) on February 20th at the Long Beach Rescue Mission. Among those in attendance was also a Jordan psychology teacher, Mr. Lindholm, and his students. They were reading The Soloist and were studying on homelessness in their class. Mr. Lindholm shared "My students who attended were made aware of the services that are being offered to the homeless. They also gave some money to some of the peple at the shelter. The one idea that we have discussed in class is the need to develop relationships with people that don't have the resouces that we may have. Pulling together in tough times will help all of us." Other groups like The Garden Church, learned of ways to be involved in homelessness at a broader city level. Joel Roberts and Elsa Ramos shared about Long Beach Connection in which they are housing individuals in Long Beach. They asked the faith-based community to come along side these individuals and help make their houses into homes by providing furniture and household items. Jennifer Lee also shared about three new homes Habitat for Humanity is building in Long Beach. There continues to be great resources in Long Beach for the Church to come along side with and support including the Rescue Mission, Precious Lamb, the Village, COA, and Inner City Ministries.

We are thankful for those who attended and for the panel of experts showing us how to really love our homeless neighbors. My favorite part of the training was when they role played a homeless individual and a case manager and had an audience member practice their case management skills. They gave practical questions to ask and also typical responses of homeless individuals and what things mean. I am so thankful that there is a group of professionals willing to take time to train me and others in what they do. I encourage you to take advantage of this group and HAT!

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