Wednesday, April 30, 2008

CARE Clinic HIV/AIDS picnic August 16th

Seeking to support community support endeavors is a priority at Kingdom Causes. This is a communication I received from the facilitator of the picnic. If you have any interest in assisting this very worthwhile cause here is some advance information.

The picnic date for children and adults with HIV/AIDS and their families, is
Saturday August 16th.
Our needs are:
Decorations for a Round up theme. Red, yellow and brown balloons.
We also need some Mylar balloons in the same theme.
Deserts, side dishes are always needed.
We also need gift certificates $10.00-$20.00 to Albertson's and Big Lots.
Walmart and Target-can also be used for vitamins and prescriptions.
Also fast food or Local Restaurants (downtown LB), movie tickets.
The closer we get to the event I'll know how many volunteers we need to help the day of.
Thank you for your support.

If you have interest in this, email me at
and I'll pass along your information to the awesome lady who works so hard to serve this community.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Cover the Uninsured Week Breakfast

Just got this invitation and am choosing this blog spot to let you know about it too.

St. Mary Medical Center & Long Beach Health and Human Services
Invite you to a
Faith Leaders Breakfast & Discussion
Featuring Vice Mayor Bonnie Lowenthal (Confirmed)
Dr. Helene Calvet, Long Beach Health Officer, (Confirmed)
Other Elected Officials invited in Honor of Cover the Uninsured Week
Thursday, April 24, 2008
Begins promptly at 8:30 AM
Registration and light breakfast available at 8 am
St. Mary Medical Center
Health Enhancement Center
1050 Linden Avenue
Long Beach, CA 90813
For reservations, please call Rachel Plotkin at 562-491-9066 or
Co-sponsored by: St. Mary Medical Center, Long Beach Department of Health and Human Services, Office of State Senator Alan Lowenthal, Office of Assemblymember Betty Karnette, Beacon House, Behavioral Health Services, The Children’s Clinic, Westside Neighborhood Clinic, Long Beach Ministerial Alliance, NAACP-Long Beach Branch, Long Beach Medi-Cal/Healthy Families Outreach Collaborative, Khmer Parents Association, City of Long Beach, American Cancer Society, Interfaith Community Organization (ICO)

April 17, 2008
Dear Faith Leader,
Today, 47 million Americans have no health insurance, including more than 9 million children. Eight out of 10 uninsured Americans either work or are in working families. Being uninsured means going without needed care. It means minor illnesses become major ones because care is delayed.
Tragically, it also means that one significant medical expense can wipe out a family's life savings.
The problem is getting worse. As the price of health care continues to rise, fewer individuals and families can afford to pay for coverage. Fewer small businesses are able to provide coverage for their employees, and those that do are struggling to hold on to the coverage they offer. It is a problem that affects all of us.
I would like to invite you to a breakfast and discussion of the issue on Thursday, April 24, 2008 at 8:30 AM. This event is co-sponsored by St. Mary Medical Center and Long Beach Health and Human Services. Please RSVP to Rachel Plotkin at 562-491-9066 or

Sister Gerard Earls, CCVI
Vice President, Mission Integration

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

13th Annual LBUSD Science Fair

Saturday, April 26, 2008 at Cabrillo High School at 2001 Santa Fe Ave.

"We would like to invite you to be a part of this year's LBUSD annual district-wide Science Fair! This is one of the many ways the LBUSD is committed to involving the community in our students' education. The fair is entirely community-based, and uses no public tax funds. We rely on the participation of more than 470 volunteers on fair day. We hope you will join us at the THIRD LARGEST Science Fair among public school districts in the USA!"

The above is the opening paragraph from a letter from Eric D. Brundin, Science Curriculum Leader.

Some of the particulars are..this is an invitation for volunteers to participate as a Science Fair Reviewer. They will meet the morning of the fair for an orientation meeting and continental breakfast at 8:45 am. The review of student projects will take place from 9:45 am to noon.

If this is something that interests you, contact Leticia Espinoza-Vopyan at and she will give you more information as well as a form to fill out.

Serving our children with you.....

Victory Outreach Church of North Long Beach

OK - so each place I visit is wonderful and alive and full of God's Spirit. My newest discovery is Victory Outreach of North Long Beach pastored by Brian Apodaca and his wife Tillie. We (my daughter-in-law and I) were greeted by smiling friendly people who were evidently very glad to be where they were and - so were we. You could feel the delight of the people and the delight of the Father in His people. This is a group of people who God has truly rescued from a life of addictions and failures and has set their feet upon The Rock. I don't know if this is true of each member of the congregation, but that's the way Victory Outreach was founded by Sonny Argonzoni who was an ex-drug addict and gang member. His story was put down in the famous book, The Cross and the Switchblade, and Victory Outreach grew from his efforts with other people like him.
Pastor Brian Apodaca is one of those people. His spiritual parents were visiting and gave testimony to how many times they answered his (Brian's) calls from jail, streetcorners and other places he found himself in the midst of his addiction. They knew he had a call on his life and stayed with him until the Lord really had hold on him and set his feet on his ordained path. He said when he introduced them, "You all know me like this (in a suit and all cleaned up), but they knew me when I wasn't like this, and I want you to hear from them."
Pastor Brian then went on to preach a solid, foundational message on prayer and spending time with God in relationship. He cares for his congregation and the church has so much going on that wherever one is in life and however busy, there's something at this church to plug into and receive good fellowship, prayer and teaching as well as ways to serve.
And did I mention the worship!? Their joy and exuberance as well as their wonderful talents were alive and anyone with breathe in their body had to begin to move and join in worship to our King.
I highly recommend a visit. One thing we didn't know that would have been good....they have valet parking, so you can drive to the front and someone will park your car (which is such a good thing as there is no place to park!) and bring you your keys - with a huge smile!
Let me know what you think.....

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Dr. Mathews Appreciation for Math Madness Support

Here is a letter of appreciation from Gwen Mathews, Ph.D:

Dear Kingdom Causes,

I wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude to you for helping to make our First Annual District-wide Middle School Mathematics Competition a tremendous success.  Thanks in large part to your efforts, our students were treated to a first-class event to recognized their hard work in the classroom.  By providing valuable volunteer services, as well as nutritious snacks for this memorable day, your time, talents and treasures provided the foundation for an unforgettable academic competition for over 400 students and their families.

Our Math Madness competition was like no other in recent history.  Countless family members joined students, staff and community members to cheer-on our students.  While we have been fortunate to enjoy this high level of enthusiasm and participation for athletic events, I know you will agree that it is inspiring to see this type of support and encouragement for students who are determined to be champions in the classroom as well.

Thank you again for being an integral part of our district-wide middle school math competition.  This wonderful event simply could not have come together without the determination of dedicated people, such as you.  I am quite confident that the smiles on students' and families' faces, and the sense of pride that comes from participating in such a unique event, will remain with us all for a very long time to come.  We look forward to working with you again, as we continue to provide a world-class education for every student, every day.

Gwendolyn H. Mathews, Ph.D
Assistant Superintendent

We, at Kingdom Causes, would like to reiterate Dr. Mathews' appreciation.  Thank you for coming along side us in supporting the school district.  Thank you for volunteering your time and loving on these students and their families!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

..Grace does much more abound

At Kingdom Causes,one of our priorities is the Church of the City of Long Beach. To that end we host a prayer meeting for the pastors of the City on the first Wednesday of each month. We move from place to place in order to highlight local congregations and to hear the pastor's heart and pray for him and his congregation. This month we met at the Salvation Army on Spring Street.
Our first order of "business" was to address an issue of infidelity by a high-profile local leader and give the younger pastors opportunity to ask questions and the older pastors opportunity to speak into the situation. There were around 30-40 leaders in the room and I saw them rally around the church and family of the fallen leader to support them and make themselves available to them. A clear line was drawn that the Church in Long Beach will not tolerate the sin, and will not bless this brother in what he's trying to now establish in Long Beach. There was also an invitation from the older pastors to anyone who might be struggling with any of these issues to come and seek private counsel. We held hands and prayed for the church that has been left and betrayed, the family and the City. There were tears and pleas before the throne of grace for the restoration of the brother and a uniting in one accord around this issue. I (Judy) felt the tearing that happened when the wife and congregation found out they had been betrayed and abandoned and watched as others around the room sent their heartfelt requests to the Lord on their behalf.
As we moved into the second half of the morning we heard from Commander Glen Madsen of the Salvation Army. He shared about who the SA is and how they were started, and dispelled many misconceptions surrounding the Army. We really got his heart for the message of Jesus Christ for the lost and dying and his call to his mission. We also heard about the new Kroc center that is being built along PCH to serve the down and out population of Long Beach. What a blessing to our City this will be! And as I listened, I heard the scripture - "where sin abounds, grace does much more abound." Where one pastor has sown sin, betrayal and abandonment, the Lord's mercy for Long Beach has given beyond measure in this Center that will serve our City through the generosity of the McDonald's family and the dedication to excellence exhibited by Commander Glen Madsen of the Salvation Army. You will be hearing more about the Kroc center in months to come - look for it, you will be excited.
Yeah God!!!

Season of Repentance

A local pastor who’s been pastoring the same church for 25 years, Doug Richardson of Long Beach Christian Fellowship, has called his congregation into a season of repentance. It began March 24 and will go until Pentecost. You can go to to read his invitation. The church will have its doors open for a service each evening for the entire time. I went to one of these services and was thoroughly blessed. The presence of the Lord was there to gently remind me of the ways I was out of His will. It was a small intimate gathering where worship and prayer were the order of the evening. The atmosphere was inviting and there was no pressure to “do” anything except be there and pray, or not as you felt comfortable. The sincerity and humility of the people in the room was so refreshing that I came away knowing that I had been truly in the Presence of the Creator of the whole earth.

Personal note from Judy: I believe Doug has a voice for the City of Long Beach and I would ask you to consider joining him and his church in this season and see what our Father has for you...