Thursday, August 12, 2010

LB Connections Project Update!

After a year of ongoing partnership with the city and various homeless agencies, 64 people have been housed through the LB Connections project. That means over 20% of the homeless population in Long Beach are off the street and into a home! Kingdom Causes, in partnership with many local churches, was a part of furnishing 26 of those apartments and we are continuing to go strong! What I believe to be most important are the new friendships that have formed with the various agencies, churches and the city of Long Beach officials. Right now we are in the strategic stage of having our own warehouse space and plan to involve even more churches and groups to play a part in this significant project. Please keep in mind that this project never ends. There are always opportunities to serve and this is just one way to be involved. More will be housed so I encourage you to consider joining us in this cause. Great thanks for all those involved and all the glory to God!!

- Somatra Sean
Homeless Task Force Leader

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